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“We can customize the design and plant species to meet your individual preferences"

At RESTORE, we work with you to create a forest of your choice. Scroll down to find your best fit!
Forest Garden
Say goodbye to standalone grassy grounds, manicured lawns, exotic plants and invidious tree species that have the endless thirst for our precious water resources.

Grow natives that are not taxing for the environment and sustain themselves while lending aesthetic value to your property. Have as many as 50 different species planted in as little as 100 meters squared. You can choose to have forest patches made up of predominantly flowering, bird-attracting, fruiting, ancient-native, or just randomly mixed species.
Factories, residential communities and private homes are the best candidates for our forest gardens.  
Coverage: Minimum 10 SQMTR patches to 500 SQMTR contiguous forest.


Agro Forest
At less than 2% of its land area, Pakistan is among the least forested countries globally.

It is also why any agroforestry here has almost completely been practiced on private farmland but mainly in order to fulfill timbering and fuel wood demand. While most of our irrigation system relies on fresh water underground, there are now drought warnings across major cultivation regions. According to an estimate, up to 40% of water flowing through irrigation waterways in agricultural fields alone is wasted due to bank erosion. This not only wastes the precious resource but also damages crops.
We design agro forests that would stabilize our riparian systems, restore fertility back to the fields while providing additional income for farmers and safe habitat for aquatic and wild life.
Coverage: Contingent upon farm size


Fruit Forest
If you think you have already tasted the best fruit available, think again! Our fruit forests not only have abundance, they are best in class! 

Annuals like melons and cucumbers grow from the very first year as you wait for your trees and shrubs to bear fruit. Whether the objective is hobby farming or commercial enterprise, Eat and share the pleasure with others, you will always have enough! 

These polyculture orchards are best suited for agricultural farmland, farmhouses and private lots.

Coverage: Minimum 500 SQMTR to multiple acres


Nature Reserve
How would you like to grow a Nature Reserve where “no management is the best management” ?

Driven by the objectives of ecological conservation, climate change mitigation and reducing your carbon footprint, these forests are your individual contribution toward achieving several sustainable development goals while providing opportunity to interact with nature first hand! Wake up to singing birds, breathe, work and live around healthy clean and cool air, day and night. 

This type of forest can be your very own private nature reserve at home as well as suitable for all sorts of urban and suburban spaces including schools, parks, factories, housing schemes, hospitals, office blocks, farmland boundaries and virtually any open space available for afforestation.

Coverage: Minimum 500 SQMTR to multiple acres

Food Forest

Global warming, fresh water scarcity, land degradation, disease, poverty, and food insecurity for a growing world population are among the leading problems facing humanity.

These problems are interlinked and pose threat to very survival of an increasing number of communities and countries. This demands action on all levels, starting from the individual who consumes responsibly to the communities and governments who must take steps before it is too late!

Food forest is an innovative concept for targeted communities to mitigate all of the afore-mentioned problems but more specifically, these are designed to address the pressing and immediate need of providing healthy food where it is needed most. Therefore the concept is especially lucrative for growing such forests on public land and keeping them open for all to take from!

Coverage: Limited to available lot size