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"No climate or land conditions restrict our forests to grow."

 The methodology has 100% success rate in 9 countries and 4 continents.

General principles of Permaculture and Miyawaki Method of forest making are at the heart of what we do. We take our inspiration from leading innovators like Afforestt and Urban Forest. Here are some of the characteristic features you will find in all forests we create.   

  • Multi-layered, Ultra-dense plantation, often 3-5 plants per meter squared

  • Faster Growth of up to 10 times, compared with any conventional plantation methodology

  • These bio-diversity hotspots eliminate the need for man-made chemicals and fertilisers thus providing naturally grown healthy food and habitat for all. The result is 100% Organic produce

  • Better noise and pollution control. These features can be enhanced for targeted locations

  • Mixed Species, Native-only wherever possible, No monocultures

  • Reducing carbon footprint and helping you become net-positive

  • An array of social, physical and psychological health benefits

  • Hydrological benefits including ground water recharge

  • Abundant oxygen production and CO2 sequestering

  • Buffering of micro-climate temperature extremes 

  • Combating “UHI” effect in busy towns and cities